DOS / potential heap overwrite in mkv demuxing using bzip decompression. Integer overflow in matroskademux element in bzip decompression function which causes a segfault, or could cause a heap overwrite, depending on libc and OS. Depending on the libc used, and the underlying OS capabilities, it could be just a segfault or a heap overwrite. If the libc uses mmap for large chunks, and the OS supports mmap, then it is just a segfault (because the realloc before the integer overflow will use mremap to reduce the size of the chunk, and it will start to write to unmapped memory). However, if using a libc implementation that does not use mmap, or if the OS does not support mmap while using libc, then this could result in a heap overwrite.
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CPE URI Source package Min version Max version
cpe:2.3:a:gstreamer_project:gstreamer:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:* gstreamer >= None < 1.20.3

Vulnerable and fixed packages

Source package Branch Version Maintainer Status
gstreamer 3.15-main 1.18.5-r0 Natanael Copa <> possibly vulnerable
gstreamer 3.14-main 1.18.4-r0 Natanael Copa <> possibly vulnerable
gstreamer 3.13-main 1.18.4-r0 Natanael Copa <> possibly vulnerable